AER MM200 Acoustic Amp -

AER MM200 Acoustic Amp

11 Feb, 2015



Germany’s AER brings out the best acoustic amp for many acoustic guitar players wrapped up in the formidable new AER MM200 Monte Montgomery signature amp. Physically a big amp, but it only weighs 15kg, surprising two-eight-inch speakers which is best for your ultimate live sound recording powered by two 100-watt transistor power amplifiers.

AER MM200 Acoustic AmpWith our experience in AER, we have known them manufacturing totally roadworthy products, yet still focusing on its classy looks just like their new AER MM200. Though, it has neither a pole mount nor tilting option with its included padded slip cover and it has built like the proverbial tank, but with its consideration in looks, it still an outstanding acoustic amp.

Are you familiar with the popular Compact 60 3? You will instantly recognize the AER MM200. Compact 60 3 considered to be its little brother. The amp offers two independent channels and each of it has slightly different features just like its brother with XLR option. In fact, if you are curious of the AER MM200 detailed spec compared to its little brother, you will notice that the obvious circuit differences pointed at its input stage. The only minor differences between the two are its sensitivity and impedance, though the two are almost the same, including all the controls, EQ values and others.

One important thing you need to know is that channel one has optional 9V phantom power that can work with certain guitar electronics, those instruments accepting power on the sleeve of a stereo or TRS jack cable. Meanwhile, channel two, has higher power of 48V phantom intended for microphones or other sources that require it. Everything in your performances will automatically work well with your instruments depending on the power it requires even with the latest AER MM200.

If you are familiar with the Compact 60 3 as its regular user, you might testify with AER’s design products you rarely find a need for it. But, with AER MM200 you might be surprise with its global tone switch features – termed as ‘colour’ and a super-simplistic approach to EQ: no parametric mid option (no middle control at all on channel two).

If you have heard Monte Montgomery play, you might be surprised that it doesn’t need for a feedback-busting section, phase switches or any other extra features. It will still play powerfully loud – the reasons behind is the AER MM200 with extra effects and overdrive sound.

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