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Microphone Basics Music Artists and Recording Buffs Should Know

The microphone is one of the essential elements of an artist’s performance or a recording buff’s outputs. It pays a lot to have a bit of basic knowledge about microphones. When you are in an industry where a quality of produced and captured live sound is important, mics can spell the difference between success and … Read more

Sonic Farm Creamliner II Overview

A product line referred to as stereo line signal conditioner has been gaining attention from both musicians and sound processing enthusiasts. This is something that inspired the creators of the recently updated Sonic Farm Creamliner II to be more vocal about their product. Basically, the Sonic Farm Creamliner II is a new-generation signal conditioner device. … Read more

iSolo: A New Guitar Mic worth Checking Out!

One of the most obvious trends in the music industry nowadays is the increasing number of crowdfunding activities. Apparently, one of these activities brought us the new iSolo which is a compact and highly portable guitar microphone. There are other devices out there that function the same way as the iSolo but it appears that … Read more

Recording Format Choice: Important Factors to Consider

In the current time where every imaginable audio technology is present, choice of recording format still confuses a lot of home recording hobbyists. We can’t really blame these people because when numbers and actual outputs mix, a lot of things could happen. This is of course, at least, in terms of studio takes. Recording format … Read more