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Ember is unveiled by Blue Microphones, designed for SoundCloud

Ember is the newest product from Blue Microphones. It is a premium, cardioid XLR condenser microphone designed for the capture of vocals and instrument sounds.

Ember is unveiled by Blue Microphones, designed for SoundCloud

Ember is an ideal microphone for home recording, and for music applications like SoundCloud. It aims to capture a professional sound for YouTube video production or live sound during a live-streaming. Because of its tight pickup pattern, Ember can help reduce room and background noise.

With a hand-tuned custom condenser capsule, Ember is said to deliver clear, open, and detailed performance for recording or streaming a wide variety of voices and instruments. As mentioned, it has a tight cardioid pickup pattern focuses on the sound source directionally in front of the mic. It helps to minimize other noises—room noise for a clean, up-front sound and improved isolation. Ember streamlined form factor and compact side-address design make it ideal for placement in tight spaces or limited on-screen real estate. With a custom-designed phantom power circuitry and a precise cardioid polar pattern, it can ensure a consistent frequency response with minimal noise for a rich, smooth vocal sound while clean, high-output gain ensures enough headroom for even the most dynamic speech and instruments.

Additionally, Ember comes with a mount for any standard microphone stand and is also compatible with Blue’s S3 Shock suspension mount and Compass boom arm accessories.

Ember is designed to help video creators, podcasters, and musicians deliver professional productions from their home studios with superb detail and depth,” said Tommy Edwards, director of product management at Blue Microphones. “Its precise cardioid pattern and ability to handle loud sound sources delivers clear and focused sound, while the sleek design ensures optimal placement or low profile for on-camera productions. Ember is perfect for home studio creators who want their productions to stand out with rich, professional-quality audio.”

Currently available for pre-order, Ember will be available in February for the suggested retail price of $99.99.


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