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​Join 6,213 other Guitar Tone Freaks and learn these KILLER GUITAR TONE SECRETS known by the best players ​and  top experts in the world.  Experts like the heads of BOSS Pedals and Electro-Harmonix.

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    ​Learn the little known (but easily understood) Electronics within your Guitar Rig that are causing you problems.
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    ​​Nail down the BEST Guitar Pedal Order that the Pros use as well as how Buffers & True Bypass Pedals work.
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    ​Discover how Distortion, Overdrives & Fuzzes create tasty overtones and harmonics...and the cool little trick to get even order harmonics.

David Wills of ProAudioDVDs.com has worked with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins​, Diana Ross, Chicago and countless others.

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