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Hard case for Tascam DP-24 or DP-32 Digital Portastudios

13 Jan, 2017



I have to do a quick shout out to my mate Tom Peasley for this tip. He just dropped me a line telling me how he found a perfect hard case for his beloved Tascam DP-24.

I quote…”Thought I’d also pass along that SRA cases make an EXACT fit case for the Tascam DP-24. It’s a medium-duty case but perfect for carrying and protecting the unit. The case that works is an Aluminium Hard Tool case 20.8″ X 15.8″ X 5.1″.”

It’s sometime tough to find a case that fits your gear perfectly and sometimes case companies don’t have enough customers to make a perfect size case for a particular product. You are quite often left to make the most of a case that doesn’t quite do the job. With the picture that Tom sent, it looks like the perfect hard case for any of you DP-24 or Dp-32 users out there.

You can get the case at Amazon here. https://www.amazon.com/SRA-Cases-EN-AC-FY-A032-Aluminum-Divider/dp/B00NQ0U7W2

Thanks for sharing the tip Tom!