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How do the Pros get Awesome Guitar Tone?

It's an awful lot of fun collecting guitars, stomp boxes and amps.  It's just frustrating knowing how to put them all together and get world class Guitar Tone.  The kind of tone you hear from the masters.

While I've played guitar for many decades, I have been in awe of fellow guitarists who get much better tone than I did and recently I went on a search to discover exactly how they got that tone.  In putting together the massive course on Guitar Tone called the Ultimate Guitar Tone School, I had the awesome experience of flying all over the world to Fender, Gibson, Boss and Electro-Harmonix.  I also interviewed several guitar gurus including Paul Jackson Jr (The Tonight Show & American Idol), and Andrew Scheps (Metallica, Chili Peppers) about their Tone Secrets.

What's the best combination, settings (and order) of your Stomps Boxes and Amps?

While it's a fact that there are many ways to achieve world class Guitar tone, there are many clues in terms of which guitars to use, which pickup positions, what pedals to use, what order they go in and what amps and settings to use.  If you want the Jimmy Page's Kashmir tone, there are a few ways to get there, but the lipstick pickups on a Dan Electro style guitar is a big part of it.  In our course, we had a bunch of fun bringing over $200,000 worth of rare guitars, effects and amps into our studio to re-create some of these iconic tones.

Though I think the most fun we had was to reverse engineer the sounds using sub $500 "Made in Mexico" style guitars and budget type amps that most people can afford.

THE BIG IDEA...To get great "World Class" Guitar tone, you have to start with a formula.

In order to chase down these tones, you need to be familiar with all the individual components of the signal chain.  Why particulate types of pickups interact with tone boosters to overdrive your pre-amp.  How even order harmonics that are thrown off by tube amps are much more pleasing to the ear.  When and where to use buffers in your chain and how true bypass can be your best friend in your pedalboard.

FREE Guitar Tone Secrets Video Course and Webinar.

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