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Home Recording is Awesome.  It's Also Frustrating.

While it's clear that many people are getting incredible results recording in their home or project studio, it's also clear that a lot of people are experiencing frustration too.  It seems like every new piece of gear that promises incredible results doesn't end up moving the needle that much and we are stuck in a place where our recordings just sound...amateur.

It seems there's no shortage of online experts who tell you that your problems can be solved by buying some expensive hand-made tube preamp, but there's few people actually telling you the truth.  You need to master the fundamentals.  From a pro who has worked with the biggest artists in the world like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Chicago and Diana Ross.

It's not about the tools.

Recently we recorded a Microphone Shootout for our newest edition of the Ultimate Home Recording School were we recorded the same 30 second phrase through 8 condenser vocal microphones ranging from my personal favorite costing under $100 through to models from Shure, Manley, Neumann and even Sony's C-800G costing $10,000!  They all went through the same preamp and recorder and the results were jaw-dropping.  It's not that the pro models weren't awesome...it was that the budget models had come so far.  There was very little difference between the models costing just a few hundred dollars versus the multi-thousand dollar ones.

We see this again and again is all facets of the home recording world.  The gear has been elevated so much that you really can't buy junk nowadays.

You gotta know the fundamentals.

So you might ask, what does move the needle?  How do you get excellent results from your home or project studio setup?  I'm going to sound like my dad here when I say you have to go back to school!  You have to be completely comfortable with dBs, frequency neighborhoods, compression ratios, gain staging, signal routing, attack and release settings.  All the stuff that they teach in expensive Audio Engineering courses at College like Berklee or Full Sail.

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