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How do you get Consistent, Excellent Live Sound?

There's nothing like taking your music and performing it live at a club, live venue or house or worship.  But it's really difficult to get consistent, excellent sound without all the usual gremlins of feedback, poor mixes and hum & buzzes.

I've mixed thousand of live events and there's just a sixth sense you develop in terms of how to get great results in any live situation.  In recent years since the first edition of the Ultimate Live Sound School (2nd Edition), I've been approached by a ton of people in Churches and House or Worship.  Until recently I hadn't put it together that they produce more live performances than any other venue big or small!

Is your Live Sound System run by kind hearted but under-qualified volunteers?

If you are unhappy with the results you have gotten from your volunteers, I would love to help train them.  While I've worked on some of the biggest tours in the world including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross...I've also mixed a bunch of Christian acts like Hillsong, United, Israel Houghton and BeBe Winans.  I've also run sound as a volunteer in little bitty churches too.  In experiencing the 2 worlds of live sound, I've discovered the most common mistakes that small to mid sized venues like churches and house of worship make...and I'd love to hare them with you.

Your Sound Team NEEDS to be Professional Trained.

While you might not to focused on having the very best sound in the world, your audience (or congregants) can be routinely turned off by shrill frequencies, feedback and inconsistent sound in your local church or venue.  A small percentage come back because they love the sound...a much larger percentage don't come back because they are unhappy with the sound.  It doesn't matter how much you have spent on your sound system, it all falls apart if your sound team is not properly trained.  Unfortunately it's unrealistic to send your entire sound team to a professional Audio Engineering Course like the ones at Berklee or Full Sail that cost around $80,000.  That's why our popular Ultimate Live Sound School (2nd Edition) has been our top selling course since the first edition came out in 2012.

FREE Live Sound Secrets Video Course and Webinar.

Many Churches and Live Sound Engineers have approached me to put together a FREE course on Live Sound that would be a strong introduction to how to get Consistent, Excellent result from their live sound systems.

It's been so much fun putting this course together for anyone who want to design, troubleshoot and run a live sound system.  Everyone who signs up will also be notified when I do my Live Sound Webinars too.  They are a lot of fun getting hundreds of folks from all over the world to get together and get their questions answered. Sign up and I look forward to seeing you in the course.  You're literally 60 seconds away from your first video.

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