Major Screw-Up. I'm sorry...please give me some time. -

Major Screw-Up. I’m sorry…please give me some time.

4 Jun, 2013



A mistake I made has uncovered about 150 customers emails that have not been responded to.

If you have been part of the family for a while, you know that I take pride in personally answering emails in a timely manner.  Sometimes I even send personal voicemails to folks too.  It is then tough for me to report that because of an email service mistakenly routing some of our customer emails to spam, about 150 emails have never been seen, let alone responded to.

This effects emails that were sent to the email address contact (at) over the last month or so.

I can’t apologize enough that this happened and I am hard at work at my desk personally responding to each and every one of them.

If you have tried to contact us over the last month or so and received no response and thought we were ignoring you, then I am sorry…it was a technical snafu and we’ll fix it.

Thanks for your patience…I will now get back to work answering all these emails :)




  1. John Dewar says:

    Hi David and thanks for your reply. I knew it must be a technical hitch of some kind as I have so much enjoyed several of your instructional DVDs and you always come across as someone who takes time with the little things. I love it when you say in the BossDR880 video, ‘whoops I was rocking out there’ – it takes right back to that less complicated time of 70’s before computers came to help (and occasionally hinder) us. I’m glad you’ve got your problem fixed and thanks again for your reply.

    All the finest,