New "MasterClass" DVDs on EQ and Compression coming -

New “MasterClass” DVDs on EQ and Compression coming

5 Feb, 2013



I’ve been hearing from a lot of you that you want more in depth training on specific subjects. I know a lot of you have had your appetites whet from the Ultimate Home Recording School DVD set but you really want to achieve the highest mastery in certain areas.

The 4 areas that keep coming up are EQ, Compression, Mixing & Mastering. The plan is to roll out new “Masterclass” DVDs for these 4 areas where we REALLY get into how to completely master these topics.

It’s sometime frustrating when I put together a DVD on one particular product like a Roland Zoom or Tascam recorder…and I don’t have the time to really drill down on these topics. It’s also by design because I don’t want to freak out beginners!

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could spend a few hours JUST on advanced EQ Techniques. ONLY on Compression Secrets. EXCLUSIVELY on just Ninja Mixing and Mastering Techniques for Power Users.

I’ve written the scripts. All ready to go…but this site redesign is taking all my time. Hopefully mid April. Gonna be COOOOOL!