SR314 is Earthworks’ new live vocal microphone -

SR314 is Earthworks’ new live vocal microphone

Designed and produced by Earthworks, the SR314 is a cardioid condenser microphone designed to deliver a fresh approach to vocal. It was introduced during the NAMM 2019 Show that this microphone can replicate in during live sound or live performance environments.


Known to be associated with measurement and instrument microphones in the music industry, Earthworks also like to shake things up once in a while by producing studio vocal mics that have high-quality live sound. At NAMM, they surprised us all by producing a live vocal condenser mic that gave an impressive sound. The new SR314 is made of solid and stainless steel. Hence, in appearance, it is an immediate standout. But in summary, it is a real standout because of its consistent pickup pattern, extended frequency response & excellent off-axis rejection.

Because of the Earthworks quality construction, SR314 offers a very consistent polar pattern with excellent rejection at the rear of the mic and with all that this implies for decent resistance to feedback. Because of this feature, SR314 becomes one of the best cardioid condenser microphones. It gives the vocal sound a different fresh take. Replicating the sound in full frequency range, it can extend its frequency response.

Earthworks list key features of the SR314 includes a rich open natural sound captured in a tight cardioid polar pattern that is consistent throughout the full frequency range, 145dB SPL handling, and extended 20Hz-30kHz frequency response. Because of this, the sound feedback from the mic has an impressive impact on live performance. With that, it makes it a good steal and a vocal standout in terms of live sound. Additionally, it also has an MC4 microphone clip and 8.5-inch padded protective bag.

MAP on the SR314 is $699 and it will begin shipping in March 2019.


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