Step Master and the Art of Dance -

Step Master and the Art of Dance

11 Feb, 2015



Not everyone is born with the talent of dance. Sure, some people could move to the groove but unfortunately, there really are a good number of people who find it difficult to sway with the music. There really are people who have a hard time recognizing rhythms and therefore totally fall flat on the dancefloor. It’s a good thing applications like Step Master are here to help you out.

Korg Step Master

Step Master is another great application created by Korg, a Japanese multinational company given accolades for their successes in the field of music. This interactive application is a rhythm training machine which helps the user recognize beats, rhythms and tempos so he or she could finally move with the music.

Step Master is an iOS app compatible with the iPhone 6 and the iPod Touch (fifth generation or later) with the iOS 8 interface. Using this is as simple as playing a game, in fact it even has several levels to choose from – that way you could customize your training to fit to your very needs. Stages 1 to 2 are beginner and intermediate levels while stages 3 to 4 are advanced. Step Master has built-in music and steps which you have to follow. The 360 degree viewing capacity of the app’s dancing character makes careful examination much easier for the user. This helps the dancer memorize and recognize the steps easily as well as execute each step properly.

This app possesses a built in accelerometer which is used to simultaneously detect the dancer’s movements. This also recognizes the difference between the actual music’s tempo and the dancer’s sense of rhythm. However, one should note that Step Master is best used when it’s placed on your waist to allow full detection of one’s moves.  Because of the real time advices and progress reports of accuracy or the lack thereof, its training guarantees that the dancer is well guided. Its scoring system also aids you to determine how much you’ve progressed. Hopefully, with constant use, the hand, foot, body and mind coordination of the user would work in unison to produce the perfect swing and sway.

Fortunately, it’s not just your own motivation which would keep you training. The app, just like a game, provides gifts and bonuses to the user/player after clearing each stage. This makes learning how to dance extremely fun and simple. No more pressure from dance classes or embarrassing moments because you could do this at the comfort of your very home.