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Korg Triton Le (TR-61) "Master Series" DVD Tutorial

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The Triton Le "Master Series" DVD Tutorial is the perfect companion to the DVD that normally comes with the unit.

This DVD explains complex subjects in a pleasant easy format to help you get the edge in advanced techniques! With hands-on demonstrations to help visually guide you through your Triton Le so you can start making great music!

This DVD goes through everything you need to know about effects configurations, advanced sequencing tricks, creating cool drum kits and importing samples from sample cds including the huge AKAI libraries.


Locate key trick
Copying Combis
Adding Tracks
Adding Effects to Tracks
...Event Edit
...Create Control Data
...Erase Control Data
...Shift/Erase Notes
...Copy Track
...Erase Measure
...Bounce Track
...Delete Measure
...Insert Measure
...Repeat Measure
...Copy Measure
...Move Measure
...Modify Velocity
Step Recording
FF/Rew Speed
Set Song Length
Tempo Changes
Automating the mix
Overdubbing realtime controls
Loop Recording
Using SMFs (Standard MIDI files)
Controlling external MIDI devices
Pattern Recording
Using the Cue List creatively
Using with an external sequencer

Making assignments
Selecting Insert effects
Master effects
Sending to an external effect
Chaining effects
DMod (Dynamic Modulation)
Using the Vocoder
Double size effects explained

Creating a basic split/layer
Assigning real time controls
Oscillator Tabs

Multisamples explained
Global Drum Kits
Creating a Kit
Exclusive groups
Writing Drum Kits
Special IFX routing for Drum Kits

Global Arpeggios
The grid explained
Editing Arpeggios
Flam effect
Setting number of voices
Drum arpeggios
Assigning arpeggios

Samples/Multisamples/Program relationship
Building a program from AKAI samples
Loading AKAI programs
Resampling examples
Exporting tracks in WAV format
"Ripping" samples from CDs
Quick loop example
Sample edits



  1. 5/5

    I got this DVD to help me navigate my TR-61. I was a bit apprehensive about buying a DVD for another synth, but my understanding was that the LE and TR were mostly identical, bar a few things like patches and RAM. Suffice to say I’m not disappointed! TR/LE compatibility: The two synths look and sound the same, and once you get past the LE being white, you’ll soon wonder what the other differences are, if any. The interfaces are identical: menus, functions, procedures and so on, so applying what I’d learnt to my TR was problem free. Some bits are complicated as you’d expect with the masterclass title. Yet David’s explanations are easy to follow and concise. The enlarged on-screen display makes following practical demonstrations easy and uncomplicated. M last Korg was a T3, so programming the TR was really intimidating and the manual unhelpful. Would I recommend this for a TR user? Yes! Definitely. Beyond basics, I wouldn’t be able to do much without this tutorial.

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