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Roland Fantom-X (X6, X7 & X8) DVD Tutorial

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Learning how to use your new Roland Fantom-X has never been easier thanks to the official Roland DVD Owner's Manual!

The Fantom-X Series is the flagship of the Roland workstation family, offering musicians nearly 1GB of wave memory when fully expanded, and 128-voice performance. At the top of the vast soundset is Roland's finest 88-key split stereo-sampled piano, with each note individually sampled at multiple velocities. In addition, the Fantom-X provides room for four SRX expansion boards, so users can customize their soundsets to their specific needs and stylistic preferences.

The Fantom-X Series is the first line of workstation keyboards with a color LCD screen. Combined with an inviting icon-driven user interface, the Fantom-X has been globally heralded as one of the most powerful workstations on the market.

Take your Fantom-X skills to the next level and pick up the official Roland DVD Tutorial today!

PLEASE NOTE! There are several Fantom models. Please take care ordering the correct DVD. This DVD covers the Fantom-X6/X7/X8.

Front Panel
Skip Back Sampling
Rear Panel

Selecting Patches
Keyboard/Pad parts
Patch List
Using Favorites
Realtime changes
Overview of Patch Editing
Example of Patch editing
Initializing a Patch
Selecting waveforms
Zoom Edit
Writing Patches
Editing Rhythm Kits
Sending drum sounds to outputs
Editing Effects
Mastering Effects

Front panel controls
Editing Arpeggios
Chord Memory
Rhythm Group/Patterns

Pitch Bend
4 Realtime Control Knobs
2 Switches

Selecting a Performance
Controlling external MIDI instruments
Creating your own
Using Multitimbrally

Skip Back Sampling
Default Load
Sampling Examples
Transferring samples thru USB
Placing samples into Rhythm Kits/Patches
Saving Samples/Patches/Rhythm Kits

Selecting a Sequencing Template
Realtime changes
Editing Tracks
...Micro Edit
Recording a Split/Layer
Extracting tracks
Step Recording
Using Patterns and RPS




  1. 5/5

    Roland Fantom-X DVD Video Training Tutorial Help X6, X7, X8 (DVD)
    This DVD helped me get acquainted with the keyboard much better than the regular instruction manual could have. A must have for any Fantom-X player.

  2. 4/5

    Not completely thorough – but very close.
    This video is the best out there. it’s not completely thorough, but it does a good job to get you started. if you can’t do most things once you listen to it- you’re not paying attention. good video!

  3. 5/5

    This video is by far way better than YouTube. My advice is get started and the basis understanding of the Roland Fantom X6, and then by this training. It will open up your eyes an mind to a whole new world of song creation. Outstanding video.

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