Roland (Boss) BR-900 DVD Tutorial -

Roland (Boss) BR-900 DVD Tutorial

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Learning how to use your new Roland (Boss) BR-900 has never been easier thanks to the official Roland DVD Owner's Manual!

The BR-900CD is one of the world’s most popular and powerful multi-track recorders. With Version 2, BOSS takes the best BR features and expands it with dozens of new COSM® guitar-amp models, plus a super-cool new drum-editing software app and 500 minutes of recording time via 1GB Compact Flash.

Take your BR-900 skills to the next level and pick up the official Roland DVD Tutorial today!

Front panel Overview
Rear Panel
Playing the Demo Song
Moving around the Song

Creating a Song
Selecting an Input
Setting levels
Using the Tuner
Recording 2 Inputs
Adding Insert Effects
"Insert" vs. "Loop" Effects
Recording with a metronome
Example 1:Bass track
Example 2:Guitar overdub
Punching In
AB Repeat Button
Deleting Punch Points
Using V-Tracks
Using Microphones

creating Arrangements
"What is an Arrangement?"
Editing Arrangements
Creating Patterns
...Realtime Drums
...Step Mode Drums
...Using Imported USB Patterns
Copying Patterns
Erasing Patterns

Track Edits
Using the Scrub Function
...Fader Levels
...Track Mute
Loop Effects

Creating Audio CDs

Pitch Correction
Utility Screens
USB Functions
System Settings
Initialization Screens



  1. 5/5

    The manual for the BR-900 looks like it should be easy enough to follow but for some reason just doesn’t translate practically to using the device. David Wills covers a wide range of the BR-900’s capabilities and communicates them through easy to understand demonstrations. Whenever he demonstrates a function, the camera angle shifts to directly above the device so you can easily see the display and what buttons he is pushing. Even with a cursory vewing of the DVD, you will be able to create multiple track recordings with ease. The DVD is divided into sections for quick reference so touching up on more sophisticated functions like effects, copying tracks, mastering, burning a cd, and computer interface is a quick process. The DVD really is the next best thing to having someone come into your house and teach you first hand how to use the BR-900.

  2. 5/5

    If you own a BR900CD digital recorder, you need this tutorial

    I owned a BR900 for over a year and was never able to use it correctly, consequently the results were poor. I referred to the handbook often but this was cumbersome and did not answer my problems.

    Then I discovered this tutorial

    It really works. Presented in an understandable and enjoyable manner by a person with obvious knowledge of the BR900 plus an in depth knowledge of recording. Soon I had found all the answers to my questions, and then learned about functions never before used. I am now able to use my BR900 with confidence.

    The ordering was simple and delivery was prompt. A great tutorial

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