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Zoom R16 DVD Tutorial

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Learning how to take your new Zoom R16 to the next level has never been easier thanks to the official Zoom R16 DVD Video Tutorial.

Zoom took the world by storm with the first digital recorder with 16 track playback plus the ability to record 8 tracks simultaneously using standard SD cards. But the USB capabilities of this powerful recorder take it over the top. Not only is it a rock solid stand alone multitrack recorder, it's also a 24 bit 96K high quality I/O audio interface and control surface so you can remotely start/stop and control your faders on your favorite audio application like the included Cubase Le.

This comprehensive training DVD taught by David Wills (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins and Diana Ross) goes over every detail of your new Zoom R16 with over 2 hours of up close personal instruction.

Take your recording skills to the next level and pick up the official Zoom R16 DVD today!

Front Panel Overview

What is Multitracking?
Creating a Song
Assigning Inputs
Setting Levels
Recording to a Rhythm Guide
Recording an Acoustic Guitar
Overdubbing a Bass Guitar
Overdubbing a Vocal
Playback and Mixing
Punch Ins
Perform a Punch
Using Insert Effects
Understanding Takes
Locate Points
Repeat Function

Mixing Overiew
Mute function
Loop effect
Effect sends
Mixing down your Song

Connecting a Computer
Using as an I/O
Using as a Control Surface
Importing/Exporting Tracks

Additional Screens/Functions


  1. 5/5

    Received my DVD Very quick High qulaity DVD. It saved me a lote of time as the instructions are very clear on how to get around the R 16 Quickly and Hassle free. So Very good Tutorial on using R 16 ZOOM Recorder Clear and simple and easy to use. kind regards. Martin

  2. 4/5

    I found this to be one of the most useful tutorials I have ever used. Remarkably well done. I have had my R16 for some time but have not known enough to get everything out of it that I thought I should. The Zoom documentation is woefully lacking. This has been great. I would have liked to have seen more on using it with Cubase LE as it got a bit hurried at the end.

  3. 5/5

    A great tutorial,very well presented for my Zoom R16 . David is an amazing teacher.He explains everything in details in a simple, friendly logical way that anybody could easily understand .This tutorial will save me hours of reading the manual …!
    Thanks Mate ..

    Sam B. ,Toronto ,Canada

  4. 5/5

    Hello David

    I just want to thank you so much for the incredible zoom R16 course.
    I bought the device Monday and since I have a day job could not afford the time to work through the cryptic manual for an eternity.
    Basically I spent 2 hours on it try to get a grip and was close to bring it back to the dealer.
    I tumbled over your youtube videos and gave the online lesson a shot.
    There should be more people like you – where the manual is complicated in explaining even the first steps, I was able to start recording a test track after 30 Min.
    Thanks to you I understand now that the zoom R16 is a huge device for comparably small money.
    I love it.

    thanks again


  5. 5/5

    Very well explained DVD. Goes on every detail you need to know to start to use this machine!! Without this DVD it would be almost impossible to use it well. I recommend it definitely to everyone that whats to take the most of this multitrack recorder. And i don´t think it´s expansive at all. Very well organized the way he explaines it too!!! Thanks a lot for it!!

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