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Masterclass-Compression, Limiters & Gates 2-Disc DVD Set

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If you've been looking to the absolutely BEST training on the planet for Compression, Limiting and Noise've found it! Over 3 hours of Premium Training on 2 DVD discs.

While I cover these subjects in our Ultimate Home Recording School and Ultimate Live Sound School, this 2 Disc DVD set is for you maniacs who want to know it ALL :)  The knowledge and examples in this course are of the caliber that you would find taught in high end $30,000 a year sound schools like Berklee and Full Sail.  Read the reviews for what our customers are saying about this course.

Basic Compression Example

Sidechain Routing (Dance Music Example and Announcement Ducking)

Variety of Dynamics Processors
History of Dynamics Processors
Compression Analogies
Compressors, Limiters & Gates

Detection & Gain Reduction
Example: Matching Levels of Sidestick and Snare
Makeup Gain
Threshold, Ratio & Makeup
Attack & Release Times
Example: Shaping a Tom Sound
Example: Guitars & Bass
RMS vs Peak Metering

Explanation of Noise Gates
Background Noise Gating Example
Example: Noisy Guitar
Example: Gating Drums

The Main Channel Types
Single Channel
Master Channels
In the Hardware World
In the Software World
Example: Dance Music Pad
Example: Ducking Vocal Announcement
Example: De Essing
Parallel Processing
Serial Processing

Vintage Compressors
Multiband Compressors
Pop Quiz of multiple Compressors

...Kick Drum
...Snare Drum
...Bass Guitar
...Electric Guitar
...Acoustic Guitar
...Acoustic Piano
...Male Vocal 1
...Male Vocal 2
...Male Vocal 3
...Female Vocal 1
...Female Vocal 2
...Female Vocal 3
...Split Vocal Example

RMS vs. Peak Metering
Geek Math Section ;)
Understanding Presets
Bonus Trick!


  1. 5/5

    Let me start by saying that my background is one of having started to learn to mix four years ago for my church when they advertised that they wanted a lady to mix for ladies’ events (and that they would give training). What a journey this has been! I started from knowing nothing and learned on an analog soundboard. I was told not to touch the “Compressor”, and trust me, I had no desire to even learn what it meant at that point! It was enough to get the basics down!

    So last year we got a digital soundboard. Enter compressors and gates for EACH channel! My mentor soon started talking about them, trying to explain them to me. So I looked around to see if I could learn more on my own and purchased a some books (one being the standard Sound Reinforcement Handbook, of course) to study. Let me tell you, I did learn from these other sources, but not all authors who claim to be trying to help those of us who mix for churches knows how to explain the concepts without assuming we know terms, etc., that are beyond us!

    Enter David Wills. WOW!!! His Ultimate Live Sound School is a perfect overview for someone like me, and it took me further in my understanding of the basics. I also learned new things from those DVDs, including the basics of compressors, limiters and gates, which I wanted to learn even more about.

    I just finished watching Mr. Wills’ Masterclass: Compression, Limiters & Gates. The examples that Mr. Wills gives are EXCELLENT! They are purposely exaggerated so we can really see and hear what he is talking about. Mr. Wills has a real gift for explaining the concepts and using graphics to make them clear. At the end of his presentation (on the second DVD) he gives us a quiz and goes through different compressors to show us that, yes, we can now look at a compressor and have an idea of how it works, no matter the format in which it is presented. There are also some “extra credit” exercises he shows us to reinforce some of the concepts in a more technical way for those (like myself) who are fascinated by such things.

    There is no question about it, I really understand compressors, limiters and gates MUCH better now. I also have an idea of what to listen for when I go to make the various settings, such as how fast I should allow the Attack to occur, or how long I should make the Release. Mr. Wills goes into a lot of examples for making a recording better, but much of what he presents also applies to live sound, which is what I am involved with when I mix at church.

    Once you have the basics down, be sure to purchase these DVDs to take your mixing to a new level.

  2. 5/5

    Let me begin by saying that I have been a big fan of David Wills for some time now. I was fortunate enough to attend one of his recording seminars in Los Angeles and have purchased many of his DVD’s. David is the real deal. He talks from true experience. Not like the many others who teach from a book. And the best part is, he’s an honest person. Also something you don’t see everyday. I bought his Masterclass videos as soon as they were available and have not regretted doing so. The way David teaches is fun and he puts things at your level, which makes learning easier. He doesn’t give terms that make you run to a pro audio book to look it up. The first video I bought was for the Roland 2480, and if you saw the original book that came with it, you would understand why I bought his video. I learned more from that video than from reading the entire user’s guide, and you will too. Want to learn the right way to use your equipment to it’s full capacity? Well, David’s the man to go through. I am so glad that there are guys like David teaching this stuff today, and you will be glad too. Keep up the good work, David. Your work truly rates 5 stars.

  3. 5/5

    Hats off to you guys again. Well done on another informative well presented tutorial.
    I’ve purchased all the Mater Class series DVD’s, and they’re all brilliant.
    Certainly a worthy investment. A resource tool that you’ll refer to for years to come.

    All the best & keep ’em coming.


  4. 5/5

    This addition to the Live Sound And Home recording Courses David offers is great for enhancing your knowledge of audio production. there were many things that I thought I knew until I used the techniques in David’s courses. You would pay much more to go to school to learn these techniques.I would suggest you start with the Live sound or home Recording courses if you are a beginner. But this course is the icing on the Cake.

  5. 5/5

    Although I have yet to completely absorb and experiment with the concepts Mr. Wills teaches in his Masterclass: Compression, Limiters & Gates series, I am completely amazed at how much I learned the first time I listened to the DVDs. I’m 59 years old and have been a pro or semi-pro musician for most of my life. For the last 21 years, I’ve been involved in recording, engineering and producing on a small scale. For the whole 21 years, I’ve flown by the seat of my pants when it comes to compressors, limiters and gates. I’ve applied this type of processing to a lot of recordings, trying to use my ears only, and not really understanding how and when to properly use the different parameters. Mr. Wills’ Masterclass: Compression, Limiters & Gates series has opened my eyes to what threshold, attack, release really mean and how to apply them.

    In 2010, I closed a successful small recording studio and pretty much stopped playing because I felt that was necessary for me to have a closer walk with God. Once I truly let it go, God began restoring music back into my life. As a musician, I am playing again, at church and otherwise on a limited basis. I had kept a lot of the equipment from my studio and set some of it up at home. Glad I did because I suddenly find myself committed to three Christian recording projects. The new understanding that I’ve gained from Mr. Wills’ training courses has renewed my enthusiasm and confidence, and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned. There is a lot depth in the course material, and I look forward to digging to it. It’s pretty awesome stuff!

  6. 5/5

    David has done an excellent job of explaining the how to’s. Condensing his life time experience with his dvd’s takes years off the learning curve. There is no way I could learn mixing on my own to this level. I’ve played in bands and now work in a studio. I spend most of my time recording and mixing. Simple as it seems, mixing is the final polishes that makes the songs shine.

    I have stereo taped recordings of my band from over 30 year ago. Remixed with David’s recommendations sound fantastic. My brother and I forming a new band. Unbelieveable the difference between then and today. So with David’s help I have mixes that are coming alive with a professional sound.

    If you love music as I do then check out these dvd’s. I know there is a lot to learn but this a great start.

    David is a 5 star teacher wish I could set down for a few weeks and work with him.

    Good luck everyone and (rock on)


  7. 5/5

    As an owner of both of David’s flagship training products, Ultimate Home Recording School and Ultimate Live Sound School, I had to ask myself whether it would be worth it to buy his latest offering, Masterclass … Compression, Limiters & Gates. After all, those same topics were already covered in the courses I already owned. Yet I felt I didn’t understand these subjects as much as I should, and I still considered compression more of an art than a science. So, wanting to go beyond the “tweak it until it sounds good” stage, I went for it. The more I watched, the more I realized the answer to my question: YES, IT’S WORTH IT!! Armed with the knowledge I gained (no pun intended) from this product, I know not only what to change, but why and by how much. I have never been disappointed in any of David’s training products, and this one is no exception.

  8. 5/5

    I have not regretted one item I have purchased from David. He’s sincere and direct. I have found his DVD’s informative and I use his instruction as a reference guide to build upon. Looking forward to more David. Keep up the great work.

  9. 5/5

    I have watched about the first 50 minutes of this course. David walks you through compression with a patient, detailed and a practical explanation of the basic concepts behind it without being overly technical – you get to watch over David’s shoulder, you get to see the faders and dials being adjusted and can hear the difference for yourself in the numerous course examples.

    I thought I was using it right until I watched this course. David pointed out the subtleties of using compression which I obviously hadn’t grasped up until that point. I was using a few presets and tending to squash the life out of my audio and making it all sound the same. By using the threshold and the attack more creatively I can now find a bite point and let more of the loud stuff through before the compressor kicks in. Result? More natural dynamics without being too loud overall. It makes all the difference!

    It’s very easy to recommend this course. David has a great teaching style, being both informal and entertaining whilst being able to get the message across. He makes this stuff both easy to understand and fun at the same time. Thank goodness for that!

  10. 5/5

    I have been mixing bands in small to medium venues for quite a number of years, however, never had compressors, limiters or gates in my PA setup because 1. I couldn’t afford them at the time and, 2. didn’t know how to use them. So just managed without them.
    I mostly got great praise for good sound both on stage and FOH with attention to detail and making bands feel comfortable, therefore they played well.
    Then I bought my first Graphic EQ for my FOH which had gate and limiter ability.

    After starting to learn a little about compressing, I wanted to do more with a band’s live sound and noticed areas that I could use compression in particularly, so wanted to learn more about how it worked, why and when you would use it etc.

    ProAudioDVD’s had a tutorial for the Zoom R16 recorder/interface I had purchased and noticed the other tutorials on the site.
    After purchasing and watching the masterclass dvd set on Compression, Limiters and Gates, I have added this knowledge to my mixing and things are not only great as far as sound goes, but I’m having fun with the experiments in sound.

    Thanks Dave, great job. Well explained. Very clear and logical. Love it.

    P.S. I have also purchased a Presonus Studio/Live 24:4:2 Digital Mixer and I’m loving it.

  11. 5/5

    This review is in relation to the Compression, Limiters and Gates Masterclass DVDs, but first I wanted to mention that I have been a big fan of David Wills tutorials for years and this set is I think my 5th or 6th. He has a great personality and his passion for the subject of recording is obvious. I would rather be taught by someone who really loves their subject and David clearly does. Ok the review, I have always struggled to fully get my head around compression and how to use it, I’ve kind of understood the principles but that would be about it. This course has been a real eye opener for me and I can now honestly say that I get it. David explains everything in a very down to earth fashion, it’s clear and logical and he gives some really interesting and fun metaphors to get the point across. I particularly like the included sound bites and examples so you can really hear what is happening and how to make the best use of Compression. I’ve never been much good with written manuals but when someone shows me it gets in. For the first time ever I can actually say I really do understand Compression and how to use it and I’m looking forward to hearing the massive improvement in my own recordings that I know I will now be getting. As a final word I would say that if you are at all confused by Compression get this course and you won’t be any longer, for me it’s value far exceeds what I paid. So thanks David I think you’ve done another great job and when I hear you say G’Day Mate – I wish I was your mate!!

  12. 5/5

    Now I look at compressors, limiters and gates in a very different light now. The material was in-depth and the hands on stuff were very helpful too. I must have played my discs about 5 times now, just going over stuff that I may have missed or need to go over and over again till it sticks. About the only thing that is missing from this package is a little Compressor Chart & Cheat sheet, that would be the final icing on the cake… Thanks Dave!

  13. 5/5

    I just completed my “first pass” through David’s Masterclass on compression, limiters and gates. I say “first pass” as I know I’ll be referring to it several more times to pick up those subtle items that often get missed the first time through. Through the use of excellent graphics and sound bites, David explains and demonstrates the wide range of effects which can be created using compressors, limiters and gates in various configurations. Also well discussed are numerous issues which can be resolved using combinations of these.

    I’m involved running sound at a mid-sized church with both praise band and traditional services. David has shown solid applications for both venues.

    Coupling this course with David’s Ultimate Live Sound School has to be one of the best investments I’ve made. Thanks David!!

  14. 5/5

    The DVD’s I received from are amazing. I have searched the web for explanations on Compression and other effects before, but no one has been able to explain it as well as David. After the first ten minutes, I had learned more than I had in years learning elsewhere. He knows how to relate this stuff to you without overwhelming you with big music terms. The techniques and strategies he uses are simply explained and easily understandable. He starts with the basics and goes about as deep into detail as you want. He uses several examples throughout the videos so that you get the hang of it. You also get to look over his shoulder as he uses these different effects and techniques in real situations. He is also very clear and precise when he talks, and is easy to listen to. This was such a great idea to get these videos! Keep up the good work David!

  15. 5/5

    For a couple of years we have been doing annual music projects to welcome new students at the school I work for.

    We first performed without loudspeakers but as the years went by the event got bigger and bigger so we decided to go louder and invested in a nice PA-system. The only problem was who would be the sound guy. As a manager of the event I didn’t have a choice: I had to take that part.

    So, I remember the first time I sat behind this digital console without having a clue how to you use. I mean, I did manage to get something out of it but that was really it. And then I recall the first day we rehearsed with our live-band. They talked to me in technical issues I didn’t understand. Of course, I wasn’t quick enough to handle their needs. And as this constant reverb sound wouldn’t disappear from the monitors although all the faders were down (my effects sends were all set “prefader”), I was just about to throw the towel and find a contractor to do that job…

    I then did some research over the internet but I couldn’t find anyone explaining the things I needed to know in a language I was able to understand, when all of the sudden I happened to klick on “”. The site grabbed my attention from the beginning, so I finally bought all the masterclasses.

    That was last September. I watched alle the DVDs three times since then. All my questions I could think of were answered in such an easy way, I now sit in front of our console without sweating and it really sounds great, thanks to the experience of David Wills and his capability to make things simple and clear.

    That is definitely worth a big 5 star. By the way, the DVDs arrived three days after my order was confirmed and I live overseas!

    David, you are absolutely right. I do know about the subjects I usually teach everyday, but you definitely do know about yours!

    Thanks a lot for your great work and rock on!

  16. 5/5

    I have now ordered 2 sets of DVD’s,the Ultimate Home recording,and the Compressor limiters,I Love the way David teaches,for one thing he explains everything so clear,and another he is just easy to listen to. Thank You David for making this so easy to understand,I just hope You continue to keep making these teaching DVD’s,because You are the only place I will buy from Sir,Thanks again and I wish You and Your Family the best.

  17. 5/5

    Just posted a review on the ultimate home rec school, and now, I will post one on this compression masterclass set which I bought too. This in-depth course on compression gates, and limiters is really great. Expertly taught. I have the R8 video too. I can not give anything but 5 stars — and I rarely post reviews. With these I have to. David goes through many examples, and uses a variety of different DAWs and compression plug-ins, using pre-sets, and setting up from scratch. That’s the great thing about this set. It’s not about this specific compressor, and that particular DAW or hardware piece. This is about compression and giving you information you need to be able to apply compression properly across any set-up. As usual, you can see the work and effort that went into making this. When I bought the home rec school, I picked this up at the same time, already knowing the quality of David’s courses. Glad I did. This is fantastic.

  18. 5/5

    The Masterclass on Compression, limiters and gates really changed my recording and engineering life! For many years I have read books on compression, viewed over 100 Youtube videos, even bought other folks training packages, and for some reason the compression thing was not clicking and I could not understand it. I knew the basics of it, but not really what it did with all the knobs and everything. It got so bad that my negative thoughts were over powering any chance of ever getting it.

    A close friend of mine had found David Wills on the internet and recommended his DVD series to me, and I was skeptical…. in my mind it was like… no one of this Earth can teach me compression… no one! This same friend had just given me a Gibson Les Paul as a gift. It was a great guitar, but I didn’t care for it for my playing style and feel. Something was telling me, what do I have to lose by getting all of the Masterclass series and the Home Recording School package? I asked my friend if he wouldn’t mind if I sold the guitar and used that money to buy all of David Wills DVD packages for the both of us. He was delighted. Ever heard of stories about fate and destiny etc? Well a miracle happened, and David Wills taught me compression! I still don’t know how he did it, but the way he did it was so simple and not overwhelming, it just clicked and very easily I might add.

    I am so thankful and forever grateful to David Wills that his teaching technique finally got through the brick-wall limiter in my dome. I cannot ever repay what you have given me. The music I create is very deep and personal to me… it means everything and the fact is David you have made me instantly better!

    I dropped a solid $50K into my studio, on analog gear, mics, and building out the room acoustically, and the best investment I made in my music career only cost me $69.99… the Masterclass on Compression, limiters and gates. No it wasn’t a $3,000 mic-pre with compression, or a $1,500 tube mic or a $3,500 interface with the best converters in that price range…it was the Masterclass in compression. Analog gear is great, but it’s worth ZERO if you don’t know how to use it. Thank you David from the bottom of my heart, you are a true blessing in my life… I cannot thank you enough. No my mixes got instantly and noticeably better and all of my friends are saying, how did you get so good so fast and of course I take zero credit and I tell them all about David. God bless, mate!

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