Ultimate Live Sound School 3-Disc DVD Box Set

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Own your own copy of our Flagship Live Sound Training Product. Hot on the heels of our Home Recording School DVD Set, the "Ultimate Live Sound School" teaches you everything you need to know on designing, troubleshooting and running a live sound system.

Introduction - The Absolute Basics of a PA System

Drums - Mic Selection and Placement

Mixing - Using Analog and Digital Consoles

The "Ultimate LIVE SOUND School" DVD Box Set is our top of the line training set for anyone interested in designing, troubleshooting and running a live sound system.

Hosted by David Wills (Sound Guru with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins), this is the one stop training on Live Sound that you've been looking for. If you have problems understanding how to get Excellent, Consistent Sound out of your PA System, this training resource will give you everything you need to know and a step by step plan to...

  • Eliminate Feedback
  • Get Crystal Clear Vocals
  • Be an EQ Expert
  • Run Monitors
  • Master Compressors/Gates
  • Troubleshoot Impossible Problems
  • Design/Upgrade your System

Apart from working with the biggest names in the business on massive world tours, David has mixed thousands of events in Mega-Churches and little local Churches.

"My heart goes out to all the Churches around the world that have bad, inconsistent sound week after week. I do some consulting with many of them but I wanted to create a resource that you could have in your library and give to any new volunteer who wants to run sound. It's basically like hiring me for a weekend to train your sound team...but you can do it time after time as new volunteers cycle through." - (David Wills)

Let the master of Pro Audio train your team to bring you CONSISTENT, EXCELLENT sound. There simply is no other training product like this that takes you through designing, troubleshooting and running your live sound system in such complete way.


Bonus #1 – EQ Cook Book
This E-Book includes all the tips & tricks in terms of EQ. All the bands of frequencies that instruments live in…all the EQ “neighborhoods” that we need to be familiar with. Plus a ton of online resources for in depth research on this subject.

Bonus #2 – Effects Cook Book
Your ticket provides you access to this E-Book that gives you an entire E-Book filled with all the resources and online links to understand the effects world.

Bonus #3 – How to make $$$ Six Figures working on Concert Tours
David Wills has toured the world working for the biggest names in the industry. Having days off in Rome, Moscow and Tokyo and pulling down six figures, life as a touring programmer/engineer is a rewarding one. For the first time ever, David goes into detail as to how to hunt down these jobs and make a living out of your passion…music! This E-Book is a valuable resource for anyone who would like to travel the world with the stars…and get paid well for it!

Bonus #4 – Effects Training
Over 50 minutes of bonus training on a myriad of effects including Vocoders & Phasers, Flangers and Filters.

Check out all the topics covered!

Introduction to Live Sound
Course Outline
What is a sound system made up of?
What is the role of a live sound engineer?
(mediator between artistic and engineering worlds)

What is Sound?
Understanding Levels
Understanding Frequency Spectrum
Understanding Acoustics

Can you design it yourself?
(Music Store vs. Professional Designers)
Choosing a Vendor
Overview of Equipment
Mixing Consoles
Wireless Systems

Input Types
Mic Selection/Placement
Monitor Placement
Front of House Speaker Placement (Delays)

Input Channel
Aux Sends
Using Effects
Monitor Mixes
Advanced Applications

What kinds of problems will you have?
Understanding Signal Flow
Troubleshooting Logic
Line Checks
Wireless Systems
Feedback Issues
Sound Checks

Breakdown of the tools available
Blending Levels
Using EQ
Controlling Dynamics
Using Effects
Monitor Mixes




  1. 5/5

    I recently saw David’s webinar on live sound and was so pleased with his approach, knowledge and concern for the listener, I purchased the “Ultimate Live Sound School” DVD set for my sound team at our church. Although I have not gone through the whole thing yet, I have watched several sections which were great!!! He really breaks down the info and makes it real user friendly. It also really helped us because he is using the same sound board/mixer (Presonus Studio Live 24.4.2).
    I highly recommend this DVD set for learning the basics to intermediate level, and even if your a pro, you could always learn a thing or two ;-)
    The price is unbeatable as well, so spread the word. You can’t find this kind of knowledge, teaching and training for this price anywhere!!
    In my 30 years as a musician/performer/session player/engineer & worship leader, David’s passion and knowledge through his dvds are way worth it.

    Leo Correia
    Worship Leader/Music Director
    East Valley Christian Fellowship
    El Cajon, CA

  2. 5/5

    I have had training with some top ranked audio engineers and worked with live and recorded sound in various venues.
    I came across ProAudioDVDs and since I am always wanting to learn as much as I can and extend my knowledge base as well as learning easier ways of doing tasks, I watched Dave’s free videos and decided to give his course a try.
    After receiving the course I dove right in and I can say that I learned in 30 minutes of Dave’s training techniques what it took other audio engineers 8 hour seminars to explain and they still left many questions unanswered.
    The course is fantastic and you can’t go wrong if you really want to understand the how and why’s of mixing sound at a reasonable price.
    In addition any technical questions you have Dave is great about getting back to you fast.
    Thanks Dave for all your hard work and keep it up the good work.

  3. 5/5

    I attended David’s webinar and have to say that it was very informative. I have been running sound for 15 years and it always amazes me that I learn something new. Davids webinar course is very organized and kept simple. He goes over the checklist that every sound engineer professional or volunteer should have every time they run sound.
    I purchased the DVD set and reviewed several sections especially “Using a mixing Console”, and “Mixing”.
    Recently I met with the worship director at my church and was told that He had been getting feedback about how good the mixing was for sound. That comment alone is worth a thousand bucks!
    Also David is really a great guy who really tries to help. When I have contacted David with a question or just a comment, He responds quickly and he is very encouraging.
    So sign up for the webinar and get the DVDs, they are worth every dollar!
    Thanks David!

  4. 5/5

    David thanks for making the recording process that much more comprehensible as well as enjoyable. You cleared up some things that just didn’t come together for me. Your layout was smooth and I found guides through the maze of the signal chain and workflow. I recommend your work to anyone who really wants to understands recording or live sound. I’m looking forward to new ventures. Keep up the good work. Thanks again and take care.

    P.S. You have a beautiful family mate.

  5. 5/5

    I am head of sound at a large church in the Columbus, Ohio area. The Ultimate Live Sound School DVDs have helped get our volunteers up to speed quickly without having to spend hundreds of hours developing training. The DVDs are well produced and the content is presented in a simple, logical progression. David makes foundational knowledge, that often takes years to learn, easy to understand. I have worked with many national and international acts, and would confidently recommend the DVDs to anyone wanting to learn the most important elements of live sound.
    Mike Johnson; Cypress Wesleyan Church, Galloway, Ohio

  6. 5/5

    I am the Audio/Visual Manager for Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. Part of my job is training our clients to run tech and sound for both their time here as well as when they leave for their individual churches. Prior to having the Ultimate Live Sound School it was a constant battle to teach men and women who had no previous tech experience. With the help of this DVD series these classes will no longer be a guessing game! I have been running live sound for over 10 years, and this class has compressed every bit of knowledge I could share into 6 hours. Thank you David for stepping in where you saw a need! Your DVD training is a gift from God! Also that Aussie Accent makes the series much more enjoyable!

    Josiah Smedsrud
    A/V Manager
    Mn Adult & Teen Challenge
    Minneapolis, MN

  7. 5/5

    I’m a church musician from the Philippines and wanted to learn the curve of the sound engineer world. I’m a newbie and these DVD training course really helps me a lot. This is my second box set. The first one was the Ultimate Recording, I enjoyed it and decided to get this Live Sound Box Set too.

    Thanks David.

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