Roland (Boss) BR-1600 DVD Tutorial -

Roland (Boss) BR-1600 DVD Tutorial

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Learning how to use your new Roland (Boss) BR-1600 has never been easier thanks to the official Roland DVD Owner's Manual!

BOSS’s BR-1600CD 16-track recorder, the most popular and full-featured portable 16-track on the market. Already powerful with its eight XLR inputs for simultaneous recording, pro-grade effects, and backing tracks, the BR-1600CD with Version 2 upgrade (free for all units) improves and adds to the existing effects, including COSM® bass amp models from the GT-6B, enhanced vocal tools, MIDI sync capability, and more.

Take your BR-1600 skills to the next level and pick up the official Roland DVD Tutorial today!

Front Panel
Rear Panel
Selecting Songs
Moving around a song
Using Markers

Creating a song
Setting levels
Using the tuner
Adding COSM effects
Insert vs. Loop effects
Arming Tracks
Setting up a click track
Recording our 1st track
Punching In
Repeat AB
Using V Tracks
Setting up Phantom power
Storing your song

Selectin Bass/Drum patterns
Creating Arrangements
Using the Chord Map
Setting tempo/time sig changes
Creating drum patterns
Recording Bass lines...

Track Copy
Track Copy + Insert
Track Move
Track Move + Insert
Setting up for edits
...using Pan
...Using compression
...using EQ
...using loop effects
Bouncing/Mixing down tracks

Burning Audio CDs
Burning Data CDs
Using SMF files
Import/Export options

Importing loops
Assigning loop phrases to buttons
Dropping in loop phrases
Creating loop phrases from tracks

Rec Dry
Vocal tool box
Speaker modeling

LCD contrast
Song optimization
USB functions
System settings
Sync settings
MIDI settings
Fader display
HDD options
Initialize settings



  1. 4/5

    I like most bought the 1600 recorder a year ago and wanted a more simpler understanding of the unit. So the video was what to get. It did help me start to understand the unit as to what things did and why. After putting a good year into the unit he was right hes not gonna tell you what sounds best for you.
    If you think your going to watch it and blow out recordings like a pro its not likley. True you will have a better understanding and I will have to say its great to go back to the video to reference things in the begginning. Time and more time and trying different recording projects will build up your experience with the unit. I am now working with a sequencer and other midi keyboards and drum machines all sync together with the unit and its wonderful now. The video bearly touched on any of that stuff. I would suggest buying a good drum machine that flam and rolls and midi it to the BR the drum sounds. The BR drums sound great but having more controll over sensitivity and effects help create better drum patterns to play into unit using BR drums. But time on the unit will get you their and experimenting will get you better at finding the level of sounds and realizim you want, it also depends on what type of music your trying to record.
    Its putting the time into trying and experimenting. I took me a good year before I was able to feel confident with how to produce a good sound and thousands of dollars to get the room setup to record.
    The guitar sounds are so so in the unit and I find mic-ing a amp to beat all the programed guitar sounds. So dont beat yourself up it will take practice to get a good sound and the video only outlines what each thing does. Some things he breezes over so fast youll find your self rewinding the video to catch it. But most of the stuff he explains is good. I would say you will need the video to break through the learning process. The Booklets a bit deep at times with the video it really helps. But in time it all makes sense if you keep on keeping on it.

  2. 5/5

    Get the best out of your BR-1600 with this manual.

    I recently bought the BR-1600 and as I am a musician and NOT a technician, I thought I could do with some help getting the most out of this machine. It takes you step by step through all the features but you should not discard the written manual as some basic knowledge is required. This DVD was not available through although it plays perfectly well on my (British) DVD player and TV. Just check that you TV takes NTSC format. Anyone who wants to know the BR-1600 should get this DVD.

  3. 5/5

    I purchased the BR-1600 machine about four years ago. I am still trying to gain proficiency on this machine. It is a very, very complex recording device. As DVD presenter/audio engineer, Mr. David Wills says, “It is far from being a little demo machine.” The BR-1600 machine includes a 71 page introduction manual and a 300 page directions manual that reads like original Japanese, translated into English. The pages of both my manuals are worn, dog eared from usage. I purchased the BR-1600 DVD Training Tutorial to aid my failed attempts and frustrations with trying to master this monster. This DVD compresses all the BR-1600 features and functions into 110 minutes. I’ve seen the entire DVD three times, and studied selected chapters. The end result is the DVD is really a complete usage overview, rather than a thorough training course for BR-1600 owners. BR-1600 features are visually articulated with more emphasis rather than repeated efforts made to educate the user. As for “training”, it’s far to compressed to cover all technical aspects offered by the BR-1600. Prior education is required before successful handling can be achieved.
    At twenty five minutes into the show, things get complicated with a brief explanation of the “auto punch in/out features.” V tracks explanation is brief. At forty minutes, Mr. Wills uses the “step method” to explain how to input drum parts of which you would need to be a sound engineer/drummer to comprehend. At forty five minutes, Mr. Wills describes the “bass input editing” as a “piece of cake.” From this point, Mr. Wills speeds up his speech and runs sentences together all the way to the end of the DVD. At around fifty eight minutes of video time, you need to be in sound engineer school mode to make useful the flow of data being presented. As Mr. Wills states, “there are so many acronyms here.”
    My honest evaluations are that I am glad I purchased the DVD. The visual overviews and operations will aid your confidence in knowing it is possible to fully appreciate all the technical marvels offered by the BR-1600. The DVD just confirms what I have learned over the years when I read marketing slogans like “It’s easy to record your band.” That translates into, “With hours and hours of study and practical applications, you will be able to successfully achieve satisfactory recording results.” Bottom line, this DVD should be included with the purchase of the BR-1600 machine.

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