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Understanding MIDI/Understanding Samplers & Sampling Combo DVD Tutorial

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Get BOTH titles..."Understanding MIDI" and "Understanding Samplers and Sampling" on one DVD.

MIDI has revolutionized the way the world makes music; it gives musicians more creative control than ever before. But there's a catch: you need to know how to use it! In this easy-to-understand and thorough video, David Wills gives you both the basic information and the advanced tips you need to use MIDI confidently and effectively in your home studio.

Sampling technology has brought the world of high-quality sounds within the reach of any musician or studio owner. Having access to a $50,000 grand piano or a barrage of rare ethnic instruments on a disk has forever changed the rules about who can and cannot afford to have the most up-to-date sounds. Understanding Samplers and Sampling will teach you the ins and outs of sampling, and familiarize you with the how and why of what makes a great sample.

David's video is the best I've seen ... It's clear and concise, and essential viewing for anybody wanting to get started in MIDI. - Thomas Dolby, recording artist and electronic music pioneer

PLEASE NOTE! This DVD contains Tutorials that were shot more than a decade ago, so the hairstyle may give you an idea of the vintage;) However...the substance of the tutorials are still as valid as when they were first discussed. We still sell dozens of this title every month to customers who appreciate the content. Because we could consider these titles being "classics", we bundle them together in a single DVD.

What is MIDI?
Components of a MIDI Keyboard
Conecting up a MIDI Studio
MIDI Channels
Types of MIDI Information
...Note On
...Pitch Bend
...Channel Pressure
...Continuous Controllers
...Program Change
...Channel Message Review
System Messages
MIDI info examples

What is a Sampler?
Resolution/Sampling Rates
Recording your first Sample
Setting up
Techniques to conserve memory
Changing the sample rate
Velocity Cross Fading/Switching
Patch/Program Editing Examples
Inside Your Sampler
Editing using Filters/Amps
Destructive Edits
Sample Rate Convert
Time Stretching
Recording Phrases
Looping a Phrase
Syncing Loop Tempos
Production Applications


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