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Zoom H4n Handy Recorder DVD Tutorial

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Learning how to use your newZoom H4n has never been easier thanks to ProAudioDVD.com's H4n DVD Tutorial!

Representing the next level of professional recording performance, the H4n delivers unbeleivable audio quality and performance. Zoom’s most sophisticated handheld recorder to date will amaze, no matter the application. It's a Field Recorder with up to 4 channels, a Multitrack Recording Studio with world class effects, Phrase Trainer, USB Interface with up to 96K 24 bit resolution...a virtual swiss army knife of audio recording.

The comprehensive DVD goes into every feature of the H4n with nearly 2 hours of expert instruction from ProAudioDVDs.com's David Wills...a 25 year veteran audio engineer who has worked for some of the biggest names in the industry including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Chicago, Diana Ross and many others.

Not only will you understand every feature on using this unit as a field recorder, you'll learn how to use it as an interface to record into your favorite PC or Mac audio application like Cubase, Logic or Pro Tools.

Take your H4n skills to the next level and pick up ProAudioDVD.com's H4n DVD Tutorial today!

What is the H4n?
Overview of unit
Getting around the screen
The 4 Modes of the H4n

Microphone Configuration
Recording Levels (Auto/Comp/Limiter)
Recording Format
Microphone Placement
Using External Mics (Phantom)
Miking Techniques
Setting Markers
4-Channel Recording
Using Folders
Naming Files

Setting Levels/Panning
Creating a New Project
Using the Tuner
Using Effects
Using the Metronome
Multitrack Recording Example
Alternate Tracks
Punching In/Out

FIle Edits
MP3 Encoding
Auto Recording
Pre Recording
4-Channel Edits
Multitrack Edits

Importing/Exporting files
Using as a USB interface
Working with DAWs (Cubase Le, Pro Tools, etc)
Using the H4n's Effects in Cubase

Using as a Phrase Trainer
A/B Repeat
Archiving Analog Media
Podcasting Applications
Using the Remote




  1. 5/5

    I first ordered the ProAudioDVD for my ZOOM H4n recorder, “Zoom H4 DVD Tutorial”. The manual that came with the recorder was, unfortunately, more confusing than enlightening but David’s video made the operation of this amazing little recorder crystal clear ! I next ordered the 3 DVD set, “Ultimate Home Recording School”, which contains excellent instructions for anything you might need to learn for recording, mixing and editing music. I’m still slowly making my way through these instructions and refer to them often whenever I need help. Recently our band rented a ZOOM R24 8 channel recorder to record a new demo CD. Unfortunately, once again, the manual that Zoom includes was inadequate so I ordered David’s DVD, “Zoom R24 DVD Tutorial” and, in the first 15 minutes of the video he cleared up all the confusion ! I highly recommend all of these DVD tutorials to anyone who owns a Zoom product or is interested in learning more about recording. Excellant tutorials…..thank you, David !!

  2. 5/5

    A Must-Have Addition To Your Zoom H4N

    I recently bought the Zoom H4n. This device really is a studio in your palm. It is amazingly simple, yet amazing in its capabilities. I suppose someone could read the manual in 6 or 8 hours and learn how to use it, but in truth the manual is not really all that good. It mostly covers what keystrokes to use, but it could take someone a year just to discover all the useful things this super-studio in a box will do. I chose the easy route, and bought this excellent instructional DVD.

    The only thing not covered in this DVD is how to turn the device on. Once you get past that, the instructor takes you thru simple field stereo recording using the onboard mics, adding external mics, 4 channel recording, Multi-Track Recording and more. He covers using the special effects built into the H4N, and tools like the Metronome, Tuner, Karaoke maker, and everything else. He covers multi-track dubbing and even shows you how to insert partial edits into a track. You learn how to manage the various files, and how to use the H4N as a front end for a PC-based DAW. I honestly do not believe he missed a single feature in this tutorial, and covers it all in two fairly interesting hours. He also brings some of his considerable real-world recording experience to the DVD in an understandable way. After watching the DVD, any serious musician will be ready to record a pro-quality CD using just the H4N and maybe a couple of external mics.

    I am guessing that this DVD saved me anywhere from 30 to 100 hours of learning time, and let me be immediately productive and professional using the H4N at my first attempt. If you buy or own an H4N, don’t waste any more time or think about it, just buy this DVD. The only question I have is why ZOOM does not include the DVD in every box.

  3. 5/5

    Amazing Tutorial – Couldn’t Recommend More Strongly

    I have to confess that I really didn’t expect much in terms of video quality. Instead, I just wanted to learn a few tips and tricks about my new Zoom H4N and was willing to suffer through whatever poor video quality I would be confronted with. Wow!! Was I shocked. This is really an amazing video. In terms of content, the DVD very quickly introduces you to the basics of the Zoom H4N and then covers a number of tips, tricks and secrets found no where within the owners manual. But there’s a bonus, the host, video and audio quality are better than many televised cable shows. Really first rate. Some videos you need to review time and again to get the information you need. Certainly, you’ll want to watch this video over and over. However, the host and video do such a superb job that you’ll be amazed at just how much you pick up during the first viewing. Again, I really can’t recommend this video highly enough!

  4. 5/5

    To be honest, I never write reviews on items I purchase. I’m only doing this because it’s one of the most valuable tools I’ve ever bought. David Wills did an excellent job with explaining and showing me everything I need to know about the Zoom H4N. The recorder can seem a little intimidating but David’s dvd walked me through the device step by step and I’m extremely confident with this recorder now. I work in the Chicago media shooting stills and video and the info he presented on this dvd will help me on all future projects. Every H4N owner — amateur or pro — needs this dvd. Thanks David.

  5. 5/5

    I wish I would have known about this tutorial when I first received the H4n as a gift. The user manual that came with the recorder was awful and because of it my H4n sat in a box. I learned more in this video in a short amount of time then I would have been able to on my own! Thank you for the great information!

  6. 5/5

    I can’t even pretend knowing a thing about recording other than the old push-2-buttons-and-play. Even though I’ve written technical manuals and trained engineers on Nuclear Diagnostic Imaging Equipment and actual Flight Simulators (not the games). I agree with Deborah from Denver that the manufacturer’s manual is poorly written for what is actually a fairly complex piece of equipment in a tiny package.

    Your DVD is organized and presented well. I especially like that you provide the small bits of theory, when appropriate, to tell me why I should be pressing a button, what information the levels are providing, and what good/bad things happen at various points on the levels. Then I can perform various functions on my own. Other tutorials often provide only a series of instructions that guide me blindly through one path to accomplish a task. Later, in the real world, I’m stuck with no concept of how to troubleshoot a problem.

    I only hope that my manuals and instruction have been as effective as yours. Otherwise, there could be some planes dropping out of the sky in you neighborhood; or you could walk out of a medical diagnostic test irradiated and glowing. These are not good things.

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