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Zoom R24 & R8 DVD Tutorial

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Learning how to take your new Zoom R24 or R8 to the next level has never been easier thanks to the official Zoom R24 / R8 Combo DVD Video Tutorial.

Zoom took the incredibly successful R16 and turbocharged it with world class production tools like a drum machine and sampler...and added 8 more tracks too! With 24 tracks and 8 track simultaneous record, this may be the only piece of recording gear you need.

Special Notes section on the R8

Not only is it a rock solid stand alone multitrack recorder, it's also a 24 bit 96K high quality I/O audio interface and control surface so you can remotely start/stop and control your faders on your favorite audio application like the included Cubase Le.

Zoom also recently released the R8, the little brother to the R24. This DVD covers the operation of both models.

This comprehensive training DVD taught by David Wills (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins and Diana Ross) goes over every detail of your new Zoom R24 and R8 with over 2 and a half hours of up close personal instruction.

Take your recording skills to the next level and pick up the official Zoom R24 / R8 DVD today!


Front Panel Overview

What is Multitracking?
Creating a Song
Assigning Inputs
Setting Levels
Recording to a Rhythm Guide
Recording an Acoustic Guitar
Overdubbing a Bass Guitar
Overdubbing a Vocal
Playback and Mixing
Punch Ins
Perform a Punch
Using Insert Effects
Understanding Takes
Locate Points
Repeat Function

Playing Rhythm Patterns
Recording Rhythm Patterns
Assigning Patterns/Loops

Mixing Overiew
Mute function
Loop effect
Effect sends
Mixing down your Song

Connecting a Computer
Using as an I/O
Using as a Control Surface
Importing/Exporting Tracks

Additional Screens/Functions


  1. 5/5

    I can recomend this DVD to everybody who, like me, sat in front of the R24 with the cryptic manual trying to understand how the it works. I am no newbie to homerecording in general. But the R24 is so different from everything knew before, I just couldn’t get it. And the manual IS CRAP to start with!! David Wills manages to get the spirit of the R24 and its main functions to the customer. Right after watching the DVD I was able to to sit down in front of the device and push the right buttons and continue from there. Now the manual started to make sense. Because with the background from the DVD I knew what they where talking about. I don’t know why the people at ZOOM don’t bundle one of these DVDs with each device. It would be very helpful to a lot of buyers. Resuming: -Did I find it useful: yes. -Do I recommend it: yes. -Am I related to the David Wills and his company? Nope. I live in Europe and I only knew about him through the “Zoom Gear and Home Recording Forum”.

  2. 5/5

    I was very happy with my Roland Juno-G tutorial and when I purchased my Zoom R24 recently, I knew there was no better place to get my education quickly on it’s operation than ProAudioDVDs.com and David Wills.

    He has an uncanny ability to break down lots of complex concepts into more digestible and understandable nuggets. You can stop, rewind and pause. And I go back to the tutorial often as a refresher when there is something I don’t use often but am in need again of understanding.

    I only wish that ProAudioDVDs had tutorials on all the gear in my home studio to make my life easier. I can’t wait to get my Ultimate Home Recording DVD set ordered last week!

    If you’re on the fence, trust me, buy it, you’ll be leagues ahead of the manual in a much shorter time to be up and running on your device with David and his wonderful company! Cheers!

  3. 5/5

    I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone wanting enhance their knowledge of the R24 or R8. My advice? Buy it. I bought the R24/R8 DVD to learn more about the Zoom R8. This will be a good review to post since I see that there are only reviews of this video pertaining to the R24 at this point. As David has noted, the two machines are almost the same, and he provides an overview of differences in a separate section, and highlights differences within the main presentation.

    Having seen many of the free videos David has posted, I was already sold on his excellent teaching style. He is very enthusiastic and explains everything very clearly. So it came as no surprise to me that I loved this video. Clearly, David has a lot of fantastic knowledge and experience. He provides not only instruction on using the unit, but practical suggestions on recording techniques to help enhance results. You will not find that in the operation manual. I’ve gotten a lot of benefit from it, and learned a lot more about the R8’s functions and use. I think the manual is still very useful, but having this hands-on tutorial definitely helps. I just ordered the Ultimate Home Recording School set, and popped for the Compression Masterclass as well. Can’t wait!

    By the way, in my opinion you don’t have to be a total beginner to benefit from this DVD. I have been a musician for many years, done many studio recordings, (mainly from the performer side of the board). I know very well what multitrack recording is. But there’s a lot more to know besides laying down tracks, like using insert effects, effect sends; mixing; mastering, and how to get the right sound. Let’s say I know enough to know what I don’t know. This R24/R8 DVD is an excellent tutorial for the R8, and how to use its features. Fantastic, sincere teaching, great product. I can’t say enough. David, thank you, and keep up the good work!

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