STVC is Waldorf’s impressive and modern keyboard machine that you need -

STVC is Waldorf’s impressive and modern keyboard machine that you need

STVC is the newest product of Waldorf that takes the premise of their 2015 Streichfett module, with its impressive homage to the iconic sound of paraphonic string machines of the 70s and early 80s. STVC has its roadworthy construction—a full keyboard with an included gooseneck microphone for the in-built vocoder.


Great for your music production, STVC has a string section that is distinguished by a continuous Registration knob that smoothly morphs between synthesized violin, viola, and cello, followed by brass, organ, and choir. With a full force sounds of keys, you have what all you need to do your music. Another amazing feature is, as you switch off the section’s ensemble, it will let you analyze the gradual tonal shift as the knob is turned.

This section of STVC also features a monophonic mode. The “solo” moniker is a bit of a misnomer. Instead, it emulates the “paraphonic” timbral layering included on many vintage units. Additionally, with the tone knob, you can create sounds in between bass, electric piano, clav, brass, and a few more impressionistic sounds that you can thinker.

The integrated vocoder section is what really distinguishes the STVC from the original Streichfett and veers it closer to the Roland VP-330. The front panel composition offers different elements, like the only on/off, freeze, and a jack for the included gooseneck microphone. Freeze function is an interesting feature of the STVC, as it works as a very short sampler that’s great for capturing specific formants and conjuring unique textures solely by vocal articulation.

If we will talk about the strength of STVC, it is the layered vintage strings and polysynth. Additionally, it has an integrated vocoder with sampling “Freeze” function. And above all, it is different because of its vintage effects tailored for retro strings and choir, with the roadworthy construction and USB-based power and MIDI.


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