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SR314 is Earthworks’ new live vocal microphone

Designed and produced by Earthworks, the SR314 is a cardioid condenser microphone designed to deliver a fresh approach to vocal. It was introduced during the NAMM 2019 Show that this microphone can replicate in during live sound or live performance environments. Known to be associated with measurement and instrument microphones in the music industry, Earthworks … Read more

Ember is unveiled by Blue Microphones, designed for SoundCloud

Ember is the newest product from Blue Microphones. It is a premium, cardioid XLR condenser microphone designed for the capture of vocals and instrument sounds. Ember is an ideal microphone for home recording, and for music applications like SoundCloud. It aims to capture a professional sound for YouTube video production or live sound during a … Read more

Stealth is the new product by Aston Microphones

Stealth was recently launched by British manufacturer Aston Microphones. It is a versatile broadcast quality microphone for studio and stage and said to be the first in the world to have a phantom power auto detect function. Stealth works in both passive and active modes. This new model of Aston features four switchable voices. It … Read more

Guitar Chords and Permutation: This is Your Ultimate Guitar Guide to Learn More about Permutation

If you are into music and learning more about guitar chords, then you need to know more about permutation. So should we begin and define it? To simply put it, permutation is defined as a way, especially one of the different possible ways that can create a sound variation, in which a set or number … Read more

Microphone Basics Music Artists and Recording Buffs Should Know

Microphone Basics Music Artists and Recording Buffs Should Know

The microphone is one of the essential elements of an artist’s performance or a recording buff’s outputs. It pays a lot to have a bit of basic knowledge about microphones. When you are in an industry where a quality of produced and captured live sound is important, mics can spell the difference between success and … Read more

iSolo: A New Guitar Mic worth Checking Out!

iSolo: A New Guitar Mic worth Checking Out!

One of the most obvious trends in the music industry nowadays is the increasing number of crowdfunding activities. Apparently, one of these activities brought us the new iSolo which is a compact and highly portable guitar microphone. There are other devices out there that function the same way as the iSolo but it appears that … Read more

Cloudlifter Zi: A New Cloud Microphone Baby

Cloudlifter Zi: A New Cloud Microphone Baby

Cloudlifter Zi, which is the newest masterpiece from Cloud Microphones, has made its debut during the 141st AESC. This is a significant addition to the already impressive lineup of mic activators that the company has to offer. Cloudlifter Zi employs the same principles of operation that other Cloudlifter mic activator models use. Output strength and … Read more