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Ember is unveiled by Blue Microphones, designed for SoundCloud

Ember is the newest product from Blue Microphones. It is a premium, cardioid XLR condenser microphone designed for the capture of vocals and instrument sounds. Ember is an ideal microphone for home recording, and for music applications like SoundCloud. It aims to capture a professional sound for YouTube video production or live sound during a … Read more

MixPre-10T is the latest addition to Sound Devices’ MixPre Series of recorders, mixers, and USB audio interfaces

The MixPre-10T follows in the recognized footsteps of Sound Devices different products, from the company’s five-track MixPre-3 to the eight-track MixPre-6. The MixPre-10T is a ten-input, 12 track SD card-based location recorder that you can use to your music production. In the ten inputs of MixPre-10T, eight of it are on Neutrik-style Microphone/TRS connectors, while … Read more

AMS Neve upgrades a new demo studio with PMC monitors

AMS Neve, a console manufacturer, has created a demo room at its Lancashire HQ into a high-functioned recording studio. AMS Neve constructed the demo room with a 3.5-meter square control room, live room, vocal booth, and PMC MB3 XBDA monitors. Originally installed in the mid-1980s, AMS Neve’s new studio was used for the Audiofile digital … Read more

Softube Console 1 MKII: A review of this hardware/software controller and mixing platform

Softube Console 1 MKII is a music production device with a portable size—small but slightly bigger than a computer keyboard. It is composed of a plethora of knobs and switches that features as a covering to its clear front panel. Softube wants to address different features upgrade for the Softube Console 1 MKII. They want … Read more

Mogees Pro Vibration Sensor Makes its Debut on the Market!

Mogees Pro Vibration Sensor Makes its Debut on the Market!

Many people nowadays perceive crowdfunding activities as potential producers of novel products that are worth seeing. A proof of this is the introduction of the Mogees Pro Vibration Sensor in the market. Of course a lot of music tech buffs have been attracted to the launch of this product and it’s a sure thing that … Read more

Sonic Farm Creamliner II Overview

Sonic Farm Creamliner II Overview

A product line referred to as stereo line signal conditioner has been gaining attention from both musicians and sound processing enthusiasts. This is something that inspired the creators of the recently updated Sonic Farm Creamliner II to be more vocal about their product. Basically, the Sonic Farm Creamliner II is a new-generation signal conditioner device. … Read more

iSolo: A New Guitar Mic worth Checking Out!

iSolo: A New Guitar Mic worth Checking Out!

One of the most obvious trends in the music industry nowadays is the increasing number of crowdfunding activities. Apparently, one of these activities brought us the new iSolo which is a compact and highly portable guitar microphone. There are other devices out there that function the same way as the iSolo but it appears that … Read more