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Ember is unveiled by Blue Microphones, designed for SoundCloud

Ember is the newest product from Blue Microphones. It is a premium, cardioid XLR condenser microphone designed for the capture of vocals and instrument sounds. Ember is an ideal microphone for home recording, and for music applications like SoundCloud. It aims to capture a professional sound for YouTube video production or live sound during a … Read more

Imperial Theatre in Japan gets a DiGiCo update

Imperial Theatre is an iconic—and historical—place in Japan when you talk about its music industry arts. Now, the place is getting a revamp on its audio system, with a DiGiCo SD10T console and a theatre specific software. Locally known as Teigeki, Japan’s Imperial Theatre was built in 1911 in a Renaissance architectural style, and popular for being … Read more

WA-251 tube condenser is the newest microphone from Warm Audio

WA-251 will be launched this February by Warm Audio. It is a large condenser microphone—an all vacuum tube that features sound with its large diaphragm, transformer balanced, multi-pattern. Based on the classic ‘251 of Warm Audio that has been used in different music production to create the hit records, WA-251 is designed for all kinds … Read more

Seventh Heaven Professional provides a sound flexibility and audio quality compared to most reverbs

Seventh Heaven Professional, one of LiquidSonics’ flagship product, has an endearing sound with its unheard-of flexibility and audio quality in the small world of convolution reverbs. Because of the Fusion-IR technology, music production never sounds so easy. Matthew Hill, the mastermind behind LiquidSonics, keeps on producing products that are surprisingly efficient to produce high-quality sound. … Read more

Sonic Farm Creamliner II Overview

Sonic Farm Creamliner II Overview

A product line referred to as stereo line signal conditioner has been gaining attention from both musicians and sound processing enthusiasts. This is something that inspired the creators of the recently updated Sonic Farm Creamliner II to be more vocal about their product. Basically, the Sonic Farm Creamliner II is a new-generation signal conditioner device. … Read more