(3 DVDs, over 6 hours + 4 BONUSES!)

This is what happens when you get a dream collection of Guitar, Amps and Pedals in a studio and have the world's top experts pull apart all the iconic tones in guitar history and show you how they are all put together.

Easily the course I am most proud of to date.

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Check out what's Included:

  • Interviews with the biggest names in the business of Guitar Tone...

    We traveled all over the world to find out what the most knowledgable Guitar Tone Masters know.

    Paul Jackson Jr.  (Legendary Session Player and Guitarist for Tonight Show & American Idol Band)
    Andrew Scheps  (Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer - U2, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath)
    Mike Matthews  (President - ElectroHarmonix and Effect Pedal Pioneer)
    Bob Bailey  (Head Honcho at BOSS Pedals US)
    Brandon Montgomery  (Boutique Amp Maker to the Stars - Santana, Eric Johnson)
    John Pisani  (Chief Engineer - ElectroHarmonix)

  • Behind the scenes training of how Amps work, Tone is produced and how great Guitar Tracks are made...

    HD Animations show exactly how to make your own Tube Amp and how tasty Harmonics are created.

    Learn EXACTLY how Guitar Tone is made.  How Pickup Placement, Valve Choices, Effects Order and a myriad of other parts of your signal chain create the Guitar Tone that you crave.  With HD Graphics and Animation to show you what's happening inside your signal'll never be left guessing at how to create the epic tone that's in your head.

  • Hands on Demonstrations of Achieving Legendary, Iconic Guitar Tones...

    James "Rooster" Olson ( Nashville Veteran) + dream collection of Guitars, Amps & Effects = AWESOME!!

    James "Rooster" Olson zeros in on EXACTLY how to get the Iconic Tones that have eluded you for years.  Working from a monster pallete of Guitars, Amps & Effects (as well as <$500 basic Strats, Teles and Epiphone guitars), Rooster shows you the workarounds to get you the tones of Brian May, Keith Richards, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King, Eric Johnson, Brent Mason, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian Setzer, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, SlashJoe Perry and Billy Gibbons.

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Course Contents...and over $100 in bonuses!

Contents of the Ultimate Guitar Tone School...

    Breakdown of course subjects
    History of the Electric Guitar
    Variables in Signal Chain
    What is Sound?
    Understanding Standing Waves & Harmonics
    Nodes and Antinodes
    Harmonic Content on Guitar String
    Harmonics produced by Distortion
    Understanding Modulation
    Main Guitar Types
    Pickup Demonstrations (all positions)
     - Fender Stratocaster
     - Fender Telecaster
     - Epiphone Les Paul
     - Epiphone 335 Dot
     - 1967 Gretsch with FilterTrons
     - 1961 Fender Jazzmaster
     - 2007 Duesenberg Starplayer TV
     - 1969 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with Lollar Imperials
    Guitar Controls
    Guitar Woods
    Scale Length
    Pickup Placement
    MIDI Pickups
  4. AMPS
    DIY "Lamington" Tube Amp
    How do Tube Amps work?
    Tone Stacks
    Reading Schematics
    Building the "Lamington" Tube Amp
    Gain Staging
     - Fenders
     - Marshalls
     - Hi Gain
    Amp Effects Loops
    Amp Switching
    Series / Parallel
    Impedance Matching
    Miking up Amps
    Microphone Positions and Blending
    Gain (Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz)
    Dynamics (Compressors & Noise Gates)
    Tremolo / Vibrato
    Rotary Speaker Emulators
    Ring Modulators
    Pitch Shifters
    Delays (Slapback, Rockabilly, Ping-pong, Patterned)
    Effect Order
  7. RIGS
    Pedalboard Design
    True Bypass Loopers
    Effect Loops
    4-Wire Setup
    Wet-Dry Rigs
    Wet-Dry-Wet Rigs
    Fender Era
     - Chuck Berry
     - BB King
     - Keith Richards
     - Stevie Ray Vaughan
     - Brian Setzer
     - Brent Mason
    Marshall Era
     - Jimmy Hendrix
     - Eric Clapton
     - Jimmy Page
     - Joe Perry
     - Billy Gibbons
     - Slash
    High-Gain Era
     - Eddie Van Halen
     - Randy Rhoades
     - Zakk Wylde
     - Eric Johnson
    Vox Era
     - Gretsch / Vox Combo
     - Duesenberg / Vox Combo
     - Brian May

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"This course has been the culmination of over 18 months of my life.  It came out of a blank sheet of paper asking the question..."what if I could go anywhere and interview the absolute top shelf of people who know everything about Guitar Tone and put it all together in ONE killer video training course?"  It's been an absolute blast to put this together and the contribution all the folks at Fender, Gibson, Boss and Electro Harmonix have made this the best training on the planet on this subject.  Where else can you get this level of world class training for about the cost of your average pedal?"
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