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Where else can you look over the shoulder of a master audio engineer who's worked with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and have him lead you step by step through your Home Recording setup? Absolute BARGAIN!

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What People Are Saying:

  • Ben E. Brady

    Maxwell, TX - USA

    I just received my UHRS DVD set today and this evening I went through the entire first DVD… I have one word for the quality and quantity of the information on the disc… OUTSTANDING! I’ve owned a few of your other DVDs relative to recording gear I’ve owned over the past few years and I have been thoroughly satisfied with those discs. Naturally, I expected similar quality in the UHRS course. I’ve totally blown away! You have really outdone yourself with this set of discs. The descriptions of the lessons, the examples provided and the incredible summaries of each section make the UHRS course an incredible value. Thank you so much for producing this series and now I can’t wait to view the other 2 discs. Take care and thanks again!

  • Malcolm Gladstone

    Lismore, NSW - Australia

    The whole role of a good teacher is to instruct from simple to complex, with a minimum of “padding”, to ensure that at the end of each section of a training course the student has a complete grasp of the content. David, your course is just that – I received the DVD’s just over a week ago – great service to Australia, by the way – and was immediately captivated by the breakdown & content of each section of the course. In my opinion, anyone aspiring to tread the – sometimes rocky – path of recording, whether at home or as a entry into the more professional side, should not be without this great instructional tool. Thanks mate, from somwone who’s been playing – and trying to record stuff – for over 40 years. I’ll send you the first CD!! :-))

  • John Stewart

    Augusta, GA - USA

    Everyone knows that the teacher is more important than the book. He is THE professor and has the market cornered with his dvd’s. There isn’t anything else like this and it’s a bargain!  He goes through every detail of recording telling you not only what to do but why to do it. His enthusiasm keeps it motivating. I learned something even from the things I thought I knew. He covers all of recording and has left nothing out.  The production is second to none. With this displayed on a big tv, you can see the fingerprints on his hands! No problems for an old guy who needs readers. You can pay for college and the teacher might be as good as David, I dunno. With this DVD set you can watch his lectures over again and review only the parts you need to with the menus too. Bargain!!!

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DVD Contents...and over $100 in bonuses!

Here's all the subjects you'll master...

    What We’ll Learn
    Why New Equipment won't save you
    The Scope...How to Record, Mix & Master
    The Five Sessions
    Your Teacher
    A Brief History Of Recording
    …The Early Days
    …Multitrack Arrives
    …Multitrack Matures
    …The Home Recording Revolution
    …The MIDI Revolution
    ...The Digital Audio Revolution.
    The 3 Elements of Sound
    Volume has consequences
    Tonal Content has consequences
    Environment has consequences
    The Tonal Spectrum
    The 10 Octaves of Frequency Content
    The Signal Path
    The 3 Rules of Recording
    Rule number 1. Capture it CLEAN
    Rule number 2. Get the best possible signal to noise ratio
    Rule number 3. Isolate the sound
    Points to remember.
    Microphone Recommendations
    Microphone Placement
    The Proximity Effect
    Pickup Patterns
    Getting a Killer Vocal Sound
    Dealing with Plosives
    Working with your Environment
    Dealing with Reflections
    Acoustic Treatments
    The BIG Problems
    Unwanted sounds
    Punching In/Out
    Alternate Tracks/Takes/Comping
    Points to Remember
    Mixer Basics
    Effects Routing
    Using Aux Sends
    Pre/Post Fader Sends
    Using an Insert Routing
    Dynamic Effects
    ...Noise Gates
    Calculating Delay times
    Gated Reverb
    Modulation Effects
    Pitch Shifter/Split Harmonizer
    To “Print” or not to Print
    Points to Remember
    Mixing Styles
    Who is the Star?
    What CAN we do?
    ...Mixing Levels
    ...Panning across the Stereo Spread
    ...Using an Effects Loop
    ...Using Insert Effects
    ...Using EQ (Equalization)
    The Mixing Process
    ...Fixing Problems
    ...Getting a Rough Mix
    ...Polishing your Mix
    The Mixing Landscape
    Blending Levels
    EQ and Scooping/Masking
    Notching Frequencies
    Moving Sounds in 3D Space
    Using Effects
    Adding "Air" to Vocals
    The Mixdown Process
    The 4 Main Frequency Ranges
    Getting to Know the Frequency Chart
    Important Frequencies
    Importance of Monitors
    Points to Remember
    What is Mastering?
    Mastering Effects
    Multiband Compressors
    Stereo EQs
    Stereo Processing
    Software Mastering Demos
    Mastering Points
    Exporting and Archiving
    Distribution of your Tracks
    Marketing Your Music
    Using Social Media

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