Virtual Instruments to Help You Start Your Music -

Virtual Instruments to Help You Start Your Music

Virtual instruments are your key to start creating your own music. Since not everybody has the chance to have a grand piano or a keyboard, a drum kit or a string quartet to start mixing and just creating music, we want to help you with a list of the best free virtual instruments.

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First one on the list is Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player. It comes with the Kontakt Factory Selection including no less than 50 instruments and more than 500 Mb of samples. You should install Kontakt all the more since it allows you to use Sennheiser’s DrumMic’a virtual drums.

If you are looking for a virtual piano, the demo version of Addictive Keys is limited to four octaves and three mics, even so, it can be useful to kick-start your music production and add more to your virtual instrument collection. And interestingly, it will help you to learn more from the grand piano that serves as its basis. Beyond that, the place to go in search and find amazing virtual instruments from grand pianos to upright pianos in plug-in or SFZ format is Big Cat’s website. You can also try the Street Bumper Piano for that electric piano tone.

For more options in terms of virtual instruments, you need to have a synth. Synth1 by Ichiro Toda remains one of the best free synths because of its solid sounds. It was modeled after the Clavia Nord Lead 2. Another thing to praise about it is how versatile it is and how easy you can play and create music with it.

The best option for virtual drum machines is DrumPro. If you ask why because it has features that are simple yet complex in terms of use. Its interface is uncomplicated but it has 20 kits with 16 samples each, a large collection of kicks, snares, hats, and other percussion instruments which can be used for any music genre, but especially for hip-hop and electronic music.

A collection of virtual instruments wouldn’t complete without guitars. Start with Ample Guitar M Lite. It is limited to the first four frets of a guitar but you still have the six strings, which allows you to play any basic chord on four frets. You also need a virtual bass guitar: Ample Bass P Lite II is a Fender Precision Bass which doesn’t include all the articulations and functions of the full instrument, but it ought to allow you plenty of things since hammers/pull-offs are included.

Now that you have the basic (and get all of it for free), start mixing and creating music!


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